The problem is not you: it's your strategy

You need to stop learning by watching...

Start learning by doing

and that's why you need PROJECTS... Lots of them!

  • Ranging From Easy...

  • To hard!

Each project includes...

  • 1. high quality video tutorial from popular tutors (tech with tim, freecodecamp, etc...)

    Got stuck? That's fine: we attached a tutorial to every project idea so you can always watch it in case you get stuck

  • 2. description of the projet

    Including what modules you need to make the project, what the end result should look like and hints

  • 3. Tools to help you

    Documentation to learn modules, helpful videos to understand computer science concepts, and even downloadable datasets for machine learning projects

It's not just 100 projects...

It's a self-taught roadmap to


  • Beginner

  • Novice

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Master

1 of 5

We've organized it into 5 phases: 20 beginner projects, 20 novice projects, 20 intermediate projects, 20 advanced projects, and 20 master projects.

Each project is harder than the last.

Learn Your Way

You don't have to do every single one of them: you are allowed to skip over projects and you can make them however you want.

You only have to follow these rules:

  • Try coding first, then watch the tutorial

    Don't watch the tutorial before coding: try coding it, and then watch the tutorial if you get desperate. See the tutorials as hints

  • You can jump projects. Just don't copy the tutorial

    If you feel comfortable to do so, you are allowed to jump projects. But don't just copy the tutorial

  • Googling is OK

    You are encouraged to get help from google. Every programmer does it: it's fine

And you only have to do 2 things...

  • 1. sign up to our email list

    you'll receive the PDF by email, and you can unsubscribe from our email list at any time as enforced by law

  • 2. download PDF

    Download the PDF from the email we'll send you

That's it.

But Wait! What's The Catch?

There is no catch.

We are only doing it for two reasons:

1. Coding Eagle's main goal is to help programmers all over the world show their passion for code, but they can't be passionate about it if they struggle to actually learn it.

2. By helping you and getting your email, we can provide you with more value in the future through email, both in paid and non-paid ways, and you're more likely to purchase the paid products later since you'll already trust Coding Eagle. We aim to make a profit in the long run.

You have nothing to lose

Don't like it? You can just uninstall the PDF from your hard drive and unsubscribe from our email list, and we'll stop sending you emails as required by law.

That's it.

So to recap...

What you get...

A free 100 project PDF guide to learning Python the right way, and all you gotta do is enter your best email below

The catch...

There is no catch. You get a free PDF with 100 projects to learn python with, no strings attached

Our guarantee: it's risk free!

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Get it now

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